That Old Tree Stump

Ever since I was a little girl I  have wanted to see God's face. As a child, I loved going in my back yard, sitting on an old tree stump, and looking up into the sky. 'God I want to see your face. What do You look like?', I would ask. I knew He was 'out there' yet I also knew He was ever so close. 

I also enjoyed hiding in bushes just to be alone with Him and talk to Him. Once in the winter, after a snow blizzard, I worked very hard to build a snow fort with high walls I could hide behind. As I place one huge pile of snow on top of the other I had the same purpose. I just wanted to build a place to go so that I could hide, pray to know God, and ask Him if I could see His face. It was a lot of work but brought tremendous satisfaction.  

If you go back think about your life growing up, can you see how destiny or purpose was within you and in child like ways you acted it out? I want you to go back for just a moment. Do you see hints of purpose manifesting even as a child? I know adult life gets hard and you may have had great hardship or struggles as a child, but who is the real you? Who is it God created you to be and for what purpose? 

I find it interesting that my life's purpose has remained the same. My quest as an adult is to know Him and additionally make Him known. 

The apostle Paul at the end of his life found His greatest purpose. He speaks of it in Philippians 3:16-18. To know Him. To Paul nothing else mattered. Wow - is it really that simple? I'm sure he had the same distractions we have, but he said he just pressed toward the greatest prize of all - to know Christ! 

I just want to encourage you to keep pressing into God. Keep pursuing Him. He is right there, right now, desiring to make Himself known to you in a personal way. 

margie fleurant