The Path - Prophetic Word

While sitting in my kitchen, God showed me a path. This path is going up a mountain and you are on a firm foundation. There are no potholes or obstacles. Just a clear path. I see you looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of your Faith. I see that this path you are on has a Light that is guiding you and it is growing brighter and brighter as you follow His divine guidance. At times on this path I see the Lord taking your hand to make certain that your feet don't slip but that you follow Him fully. As you follow the Lord and His purposes, I see men and women coming along side you and these are divine appointments and relationships that He is appointed for such a time as this. Many of you have grown weary in well doing but God says His grace is sufficient for you and even in this MOMENT He is breathing upon you a greater measure of GRACE. This grace is needed in this hour because sin has been on the rise in the earth but this day the Lord is uttering His voice before HIS great army and giving you a fresh VISION of what He has for you to accomplish in this new season. There is a new season upon you. Do you perceive it? "Know this My people that when the enemy shoots his fiery darts and the war against your destiny is hot, not only does it serve as a sign you are about to advance into new territory, but know that I see it! And I come in like a flood to quench the fiery darts of the enemy. I raise up My standard against him and anoint My church with a greater measure of grace and anointing. So know this My people! I am going to build My church. I am going to use each and every one of you who have said YES to Me. You have felt as if you were alone in this battle, but you have not been alone in this battle! It has been a battle over individual destiny and the destiny of My church. Haha! But I the Lord sit in the heavens and I laugh! I have plans he knows not of just as I had orchestrated the plan of redemption and caught him by surprise. So stay steady My people! The time is short and the time is coming where all that you see now will be changed right before your eyes. Continue in faith and perseverance." I see many of you being handed new tools. Others of you the tools you possess are being sharpened. I see angels being dispatched. Angels that have waited for the divine orders of the Lord of the armies. So this is a great season of movement, great grace and favor. "Today is a day of rejoicing and a day that I have made for those of you who live in this time. So rejoice and be glad!!! I will do great things in this new season!"

margie fleurant