I Can't.

Recently a friend in ministry asked me to meet her for lunch. One of the first things she asked me was, 'What do you do when God starts opening up new doors of opportunity that are bigger than you think you can handle?' I'm sure she expected me to give her a response with my excitement at the opportunity but, my response to her was, "First thing I do is put the bed sheets over my head and tell God, no I can't." 

The word of God is filled with positive affirmations. God is an encourager and desires that you blossom into all He has created you to be. He formed you. He knows you. He knows what you are capable of. He knows the gifts He placed in your heart. It's all there. So what do we do when we...just can't? 

I have had these two (or sometimes three) words powerfully bombard my heart and mind during different seasons of my life. What I have discovered is that these small words are my mantra just before I enter into a new phase of my life's calling. ' I just can't. I can't, Lord.'

Have these words ever been your daily go to affirmation? It's almost like there is a war going on with in you. One part of you says, 'Yes! This is my dream job! Yes! I was born for this!' The other part says, 'No, I can't.' 

Then there is always fear that accompanies those two words. The fear of the unknown. The fear of totally screwing up. 

Pain also accompanies those words. The pain of,  'Are you kidding? Now what do I have to give up?'  This is the pain of surrender that brings on the kind of emotions that produce tears. Then there is pain of 'omg what have I gotten myself into? What if I fail?'

So what about it? Can you or not?

Jesus had the same temptation in the garden of Gethsemane.  He didn't think He could. He wanted that moment to pass. But for this He was born. Surrender was in order and surrender He did. When He surrendered to the will of His Abba, He was strengthened for what He was about to face.   

You can. You can do this. God is with you. You will have His anointing and His wisdom. His strength is made perfect in your weakness. 

Can you hear God calling you forward into greater depths of your life's calling? I know He is. I sense you have struggled with a lot of no's. But today, God is saying yes. It's time

margie fleurant