Yesterday was not a very good day for me. I had made a commitment to God and I failed. I didn't keep my word to Him. I always try so hard to maintain intimacy and connection by keeping my word to Him. We are in a relationship and I take this relationship very seriously.  After all, He has always been faithful to me - I just want to please Him. For whatever reason I need His approval on a daily basis so He can't possibly be happy with me. Now - I'm beating myself up over it. 

I love how my mother raised me in the church. I was a serious, pretty good Catholic girl who had a heart for God. When I was confirmed at 14 years of age I literally felt the presence of the Holy Spirit for the first time. Such unconditional love. Such peace. Such joy. He remained on me with this tangible presence for about 3 days. 

But I think I was taught some religion along the way. If you sinned you had to pray a certain amount of prayers to be forgiven. If you wanted God to be happy with you you had to work really hard at pleasing Him. I have been born again for almost 43 years and it never ceases to amaze me how that same religious mind set kicked in today because of what happened yesterday. 

When I boarded my plane today I fell asleep. Upon awakening I was lovingly greeted with a song from the heart of my Father. The words go like this:

'Great is your faithfulness. Morning by morning new  mercies I see. All I have need of your hand has provided. Great is your faithfulness Lord unto me.'  

In this moment I sensed God's approval as well as His unconditional love for me. I guess I had forgotten about His side of our union.  

Yesterday is gone. Today His mercies are new. He remains faithful when we behave like the humans that we are. So in this moment I decide His grace is sufficient for me. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. You can do the same. Just say 'yes' today to His amazing grace. ️

margie fleurant