A Love Like That

A Love Like That


"A Love Like That" is Margie Fleurant's latest hard cover book release.  This hard cover edition will increase your understanding of how much the Lord loves each one of his precious daughters.  



Each one of us has a story. Our lives are like history books—with accounts of victory as well as pain, happy times and tearful times. No matter what our history has been or where we are in the progression of our story, when we encounter the love of God, we are changed. The old chapter ends, and a new chapter begins. God does not hold onto the past, but He promises to do a new thing in us. That is what this book is all about.

As you encounter God’s love through the pages of this book, you will experience freshness, newness, wisdom, and increased revelation. You will discover how to be consumed with God's love, how to be changed by His perfect love, and how to continue to grow in His love throughout your life.

Discover how you can have a deeper, tender spiritual relationship with God and learn practical ways to grow closer to the Him.

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