The Art of Intercession Study Guide

The Art of Intercession Study Guide


The Art of Intercession Study Guide, by Rev. Margie Fleurant, is a detailed study guide for people who want to dive into God's Word and study the topic of prayer.  In this booklet, readers will learn about the different kinds of prayer, the foundations needed for prayer and the power  being an intercessor allows you to tap into as you pray to The Lord.  Section titles include:

- The Church and our Kingdom Authority
- Jesus as our Model of How to Pray
- Rules for Answered Prayer
- Interceding Against the Powers of Darkness
- United, Cooperate Prayer
- What is a Watchman?
- What is the Watchman's Assignment?
- Prayer and Intercession for the Ministry Leader

This guide will lead you on a step-by-step lesson plan to build your relationship with The Lord as you strengthen your prayer life.  

18 Pages, soft cover study guide. 

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