What's the Most Important Thing? 

I have a tendency to allow my phone to be a source of distraction. One morning I was sitting up in my bed checking every possible social media app. I read comments, made comments and liked multiple things, then it was on to reading all the latest news updates.  

Without warning I felt Someone coming from the hall and walk through my open door and into my bedroom. I looked up, He walked right up next me and stood there. I didn't see Him. But this Person was there. He didn't waist any time and He said to me, 'What is the most important thing?'  

Now I've had a life's call and commission to teach on the subject of prayer both precept and by example. I have multiple teachings and written books on the pleasures and importance of intimacy with God. I enjoy teaching these truths with simplicity and in relevant practical ways so that any person can fulfill their hearts cry and that is to know God intimately. When Jesus asked me, 'What is the most important thing' He ALREADY KNEW how I would answer. I perked up and said, 'Lord! Intimacy with you!'  To my response He said, 'And how you treat others.' With that He turned around and slowly walked out of my room. 

Hey, how would you feel if you had this kind of encounter with Jesus? I must say I didn't feel condemned but I immediately begin to think about all the people I've had a mental list with whom I have had challenging encounters with over the years- some are no longer in my life but some still are. 

I think we all have our lists. I sense that as you read this He is showing you, as He showed me, who you need to forgive and treat better. The most important thing is that we  love God with all of our heart and soul and treat others with the same grace and unconditional love God has shown us. 

margie fleurant