I have always been an animal lover, especially cats. While my three kids were growing up I allowed each of them to have their own cat, and as you can imagine each cat had its own unique personally. 

One day while in my office praying, Pepperoni, Jaclyns orange and white cat jumped on my lounge chair on top of my brick red blanket and he immediately snuggled right up next to me. 

Having a warm purring cat by my side and my Heavenly Father listening to my prayers brought me tremendous joy and comfort. I continued praying and every once in a while I bent over to pet him and tell him how much I loved and adored him. 

After a while I became quiet before the Lord in the event He had something special He wanted to say to me. Suddenly I heard Him whisper, 'Get Pepperoni a fecal exam.' I opened my eyes and thought, 'Really?'

Moments after hearing Him say this Pepperoni jumped off the chase lounge and left the room.  I randomly looked down on the blanket and there was a tiny white worm. Now this may gross you out but I was just as surprised and grossed out probably much as you are reading this! 

In that moment I realized that God is ever so present, so very personal and loving. He desires to perfect everything that concerns me, and not only me but my beloved house cat. I wouldn't want any of my animals to be uncomfortable or suffer and neither did my heavenly Father. He cares about all the things we care about. 

You may view God as this impersonal stranger, but the truth is He is with you- right there, right now.   He knows how many hairs you have on your head...and how many you don't! He discerns your thoughts from afar and there is nothing you will ever do that will take Him by surprise. He loves you with an everlasting, unconditional love. If God was so interested in Pepperoni's well being, how much more does He love and care for your wellbeing...even the smallest of details. 

When ever you feel that God is distant stop and take a look at the birds of the air and think how He provides food for them. Think about the beauty of nature as seen in the flowers of a field and then think about Pepperoni. 

margie fleurant