7 Ways to Discern the Lord's Voice

It’s not always easy to discern which thoughts are ours and which ones come from the devil. Here are a few tests I rely on to help me discern the source of the thoughts in my head:

1. Does it line up with the Word of God? Is this what God says about me in His Word? God’s voice will never contradict the Bible.

2. Does it make sense practically? Sometimes the enemy speaks accusing thoughts against others that are completely illogical or counterintuitive.

3. Do I feel peace in my heart? Or do I feel fearful and anxious? God’s voice is always accompanied by an inner peace.

4. Does it bring condemnation or pressure? God’s voice brings conviction, not condemnation, and He never pressures us. He is both patient and kind.

5. Does it grieve my spirit? Do I feel darkness or heaviness? Our spirits quickly discern the source of the thoughts in our heads, because our spirits are tuned to the Holy Spirit.

6. Is it a half‐truth, but twisted in a way that does not convey God’s heart? Sometimes the enemy will speak facts in a way that contradicts God’s heart. He is a master at taking the Scripture out of context.

7. Does it bring confusion or disharmony? Is it bringing accusation against someone I have relationship with? God always desires to bring clarity and unity and to strengthen and heal relationships.

These sorts of questions uncover the distinct sound of the devil’s voice. He loves division, accusation, and confusion. He enjoys distorting the facts and encouraging us toward wrong conclusions about ourselves and others.

margie fleurant