It's Raining - Prophetic Word

It is raining on the young and the old in this hour. We are entering into a fresh move of the Spirit that many of us have desired. Be open to His voice, and don't allow what was, hinder what is new... "For I am going to pour out of My Spirit on ALL of those who are hungry and thirsty for Me. You have had your own traditions, and have been stuck in a form of godliness,  but I AM the One who is responding to the cries of both the young and the old. And I am pouring out a fresh wind and rain of My presence. You will see and you will know and you will flow, and those that resist will continue to be dry and thirtsy. But I have faith in many of you in this hour, that you will flow in My glory and in My power. For there is a whole generation who have not seen My mighty acts of power, but they shall see Me in all of My goodness and glory. For I am not a man that I should lie, what I have spoken I am going to MAKE GOOD. For I said I would POUR OUT of My Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Many of you will have dreams and visions in the night, and some even visions in the day. Continue steadfast in your calling, for I will bring to pass the things I have put with in your hearts. It shall rain, and it shall pour, and you will see many miracles.  I am going to use many of my people in the realm of miracles, and supernatural in this hour. It is not for their glory, but it is for My glory. For the times that you live in are perilous times, and where sin abounds, my grace and glory will so much more abound. So continue steadfast, and don't be moved. I am also going to rain a blessing of finances into my kingdom. And those who have clean hands and a pure heart are going to receive wealth that will be used to further the vision I have put with in their hearts. And this wealth won't be used to build their own kingdom, but to build MY kingdom. So I am telling you NOW, to GET READY. Great grace will upon many of you. For you have been chosen to live in this time. And as I bring in the unchurched, and the young, I want you to to care for them and train them in the ways that they should go. Allow Me to work in them, and I charge you not to conform them to the traditions you have developed, and mold them into dead works, but teach them My word and allow ME to mold them into the living stones I have called them to be. And it will be said of them like it was said of the early church....'they that have turned the would upside down have come hither also.' "

Almighty God

margie fleurant